A candle flame contains millions of tiny diamond particles

As if a romantic candle lit dinner were not enough!

Scientists have discovered that a sparkling candle flame contains millions of tiny diamonds.

The study was conducted at St Andrews University with one objective – to discover the chemical composition of a candle flame.

Chemistry Professor Wuzong Zhou says, “A colleague from some other university said to me, “Of course, nobody precisely knows the composition of a candle flame.” I answered him that I believe that science can explain everything and I decided to find out the answer to this question.” In order to able to study the chemical composition of a candle flame, the professor invented a filter that can separate chemical particles from the centre of a candle flame, where the temperature reached 1400 °C. To his surprise, the carbon particles in candle wax had formed all four pure carbon compounds, including diamond and graphite.

Every second, approximately 1.5 million sparkling precious stones are created in a candle flame.

To the disappointment of everybody whose eyes have lit up in anticipation of the potential riches concealed by a candle flame; the precious stones are so tiny that even approximately 300,000 would not be enough to cover the tip of a needle, moreover they evaporate instantly.

However, if scientists were to invent a technology to collect them, people could use candles for more than just creating a romantic atmosphere.