Our candles are created as a work of art

We have made a considerable effort to create candles that can create a new world of feelings and atmosphere. In the world of today geared toward mass production, it is wonderful to find a product that has been created with the utmost care, the warmth of human touch and undivided attention to every tiniest nuance. We believe that, by genuinely striving for the best, it is possible to create a product that will stand out among others and endure through its added values. Before our candles reach customers, they undergo a long creative process. This is why we have expended enormous energy to choose the best of the best raw materials for the production of our candles. We have tirelessly developed and improved our candle making technologies. These are the things that today allow us to create candles with unbelievably clean and precise forms, ensuring a much longer candle burning time and to take pride in the magically transient light effects created by LED technologies. We are proud to announce that, in choosing candles made by 1001 candles, you are choosing as yet unsurpassed quality. LIAA